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Exploring the range of piano and song

Shota Hashimoto’s songs are composed with multiple pianos with idea of Life at the heart.


shota hashimoto

Shota Hashimoto

Born and raised in Fukushima Japan.

Graduated from National University of Saitama with a BA in Music Education and a MA in Clinical Psychology.  

Certified and licensed teacher for primary and secondary school.  Also certified and licensed teacher for special aid and handicap students. 
Educated in music therapy, dream analysis, PTSD, and counseling techniques. 

Shota Hashimoto

Singer, songwriter, composer, piano player.  
Highly appraised across various areas, with guest appearances at radio programs such as NACK5, bayfm, and FM Yokohama.  Guest TV appearances at Asahi TV. 

Live concerts at “Motion Blue”, which is part of the Blue Note group live house. 

橋本翔太 pianoreiki


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→Also actively working as a psycologist and healing piano artist. 

Shota Hashimoto’s videos. 

♪「ASAGAO」Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「Kokokara」Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「YAGURUMAGIKU」Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「Nanimo nakattayouni」Music/Lyrics by Yumi Arai (cover by Shota Hashimoto)


♪「Aogeba Sora Sora ni Ao」Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「Tsutaesobireta Kotoba」Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「Sakabin」Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「Douka Douka」 Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「Sakasama no Teruterubouzu」 Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「IKIMONO」 Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「ASHIATO」 Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「YAMABUKI-IRO」 Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

♪「SOREDAKEDE」 Music/Lyrics by Shota Hashimoto

Piano Reiki・Phycology Self Help Works

Also actively working as a composer and healing piano artist. 

Currently, there are six publishing titles, each with an accompanying CD; in addition to a reiki sheet music book. and three publishing titles Phycology book for self help also.

⇒Shota Hashimoto's Alternative Reiki

shota hashimoto
shota hashimoto
弾くヒーリング ピアノレイキ
弾くヒーリング ピアノレイキ
弾くヒーリング ピアノレイキ
  弾くヒーリング ピアノレイキ

Shota Hashimoto's work has been highly acclaimed for his unique Reiki Healing method through Piano Reiki. Shota Hashimoto's unique method is based on performing Reiki Healing by composing, songwriting, singing, and playing the piano himself. Piano Reiki is defined by its healing effects simply listening to the piano melody, which carries the "KI", increasing the flow and strengthening the positive energy.